The fashion industry is worth $3 trillion, and in terms of trade intensity, it is the 2nd biggest industry in the world. Furthermore, it employs 57 million workers in developing countries, but this may not be a point to be proud of, as they’re often exploited and work in horrible conditions. However, as an important economic sphere it greatly matters to society, and consequently it has a large bearing on our personal lives, as what we wear is the first point of storytelling and image-making that is within our control.

The latter point spurs on some individuals’ ‘passion for fashion’…



‘Africa is making waves’ sounds like a cliché expression to make, but in these turbulent social times, some African designers are adding inspirational zest to the creative industries worldwide. The Director, Adriaan Louw, of Major Lazer’s new video Africa is The Future says it best himself: “After the adventure that was this four-video series — shot in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana and Senegal last year — I decided to cut these videos together into a single piece that I feel captures the energy in Africa right now. This film is a celebration of Africa as a continent and of…

My French history teacher often said, “There are no races. There is only one race, and it’s the human race.”

While this seems like a noble sentiment at first, it’s actually insidious. Sure, it’s idealistic to think that there is only a human race and no other races but a quick browse through history clearly begs to differ. I’m French but biracial — my dad is from Cameroon. As an adult I’ve come to understand France and its often ugly imperialist past.

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In France, it’s illegal to define people based on their race and conduct statistical studies on racial representation. Unlike the…

Sometimes, curly hair can be an absolute b*tch.

Curls need a ton of TLC to not only look beautiful, but stay healthy. Regardless of where you fall on the , everyone’s curls need their own type of care. However, many of us curly people face similar issues despite our differences. Frizz, extreme dryness, and the uncontrollable nature of curly hair plague all curly-haired queens. Celebrity hairstylist and self-proclaimed “feel-good expert” curl spectrum David Lopez knows a thing or two about curl dilemmas.

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David has worked with some of the biggest celebs out there — think Hailey Bieber, Ashley…

If you’re acne-prone, you know far in advance that a zit-regardless of size-is going to leave behind an annoying dark spot on your face.

Those dark spots, also called hyperpigmentation, continue to be the bane of my existence, even if my teenage acne has largely cleared up. People with more melanin-rich skin tones are more prone to dark spots post-breakout due to the excess production of melanin that forms in response to inflamed skin.

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Hyperpigmentation doesn’t have to linger on your face for weeks, or even months. We’ve rounded up the best tried-and-tested products that fade dark spots fast. …

One only need look at 2015’s film, “Stonewall,” which offensively erases PoC’s who lead the queer rights revolution. Of course, the movie isn’t the only example of rewriting history — it still happens today. It’s a reason why there was such controversy when the Pride organizations will being led by white leadership.

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To prevent further whitewashing of the LGBTQ+ movement, it’s important to educate ourselves with its history so we can better amplify the voices that need to be heard while identifying where progress still needs to…

Adebayo Oke-Lawal demonstrates a new found-confidence and strong tailoring skills in the Orange Culture Autumn/Winter ’20 Lookbook.

After debuting its Autumn/Winter 2020 collection during New York Fashion Week dubbed ‘The Flower Boy’, Orange Culture has released its newest lookbook, which contains a vibrant array of jewel-toned separates, technical prints, and androgynous silhouettes.

Adebayo Oke-Lawal’s created Orange Culture in 2011 to voice his frustrations with the hyper-masculinity that surrounded him in his native Nigeria. The brand’s androgynous style and willingness to push boundaries led it to the finals at the LVMH prize in 2014 and a London Fashion Week Men’s collection…

The Folklore invites one of our designers, Malaika, for a conversation to talk about what inspires her design process and her hopes for the future.

Inspired by large cityscapes and the intricacies of fine jewelry, architect Malaika Carr’s jewelry brand Chalk Jewellery offers unusual, geometric, wearable forms that are influenced by architectural elements, everyday objects, and bold colorful cultural patterns. The London-based design studio produces handmade pieces crafted by the architect herself.

Splitting her time between her day job working at an architecture firm and jewelry-making creates a fusion that gives her jewels a dynamic edge. ​Malaika studied architecture at…

Wondering what The Folklore has been listening to in March? Our team put together a playlist featuring tracks from Niniola, Cleo Wade, IAMDDB, Kaytranada, Masego, Mahalia and more.

As the East Coast temperature suggests, we’re still deep in the winter blues and COVID-19’s social distancing imperative isn’t helping our morale. To ease the transition and brighten up your inside days, we’ve compiled a playlist to bring your energy levels up.

Bouncy beats mixed with gentler tempos make for an inspiring playlist full of renewal and positivity that is much needed for March. To start us off, Niniola’s “Maradona” serves groovy…

Christine Olivia Noumba Um

Copywriter at Christian Dior Perfume & Cosmetics. Based in Paris, London & Washington D.C. LSE & IFM Paris alumna.

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